Established for 50 years, Hartwig Air is at Parafield Airport, South Australia. Australia’s Centre of Aviation Training excellence. Parafield is about 20km from the centre of Adelaide and 30 minutes drive by car.

49 year safety record

Accident safety record - zero accidents. Percentage achieved: 100%
Injury safety record - zero injuries. Percentage achieved: 100%


Hartwig Air operates from Parafield Airport, Australia’s Centre of Aviation Training excellence. Our School is unashamedly commercial in its approach. We know that our graduates can only be the best in Australia and obtain a position with an aircraft operator if, in addition to being excellent pilots, they understand the industry that they will work in. We are clearly focused on the employment for our graduates.  We also hold several major charter contracts that provide our best students will real-world paid work as commercial pilots.


The most import factor in any aviation venture is safety, and the Bruce Hartwig Flying School uses safety as the driving concept for everything that forms part of its training syllabus. Aircraft are a very expensive investment. Employers must have total confidence in the pilots that they employ, because a single accident is enough to destroy the fortunes of any organisation, large or small. We have adopted a Safety and Quality Management System, similar to that adopted by the airlines. Safety and Quality are highly regarded principles within the organsation and the our entire company is built on these foundations.

The Bruce Hartwig Flying School teaches all of their students to make safety a number one priority in every operation. To learn the concepts of safety, our students are encouraged to fly the type of aircraft that they will be employed to operate, and to fly into airfields while experiencing conditions that they will encounter during their day to day operations.


Hartwig Air is now proudly partnered with RMIT University to provide commercial pilot training in Adelaide via the Associate Degree in Aviation.

  • Founded in 1887, RMIT has a teaching staff of nearly 5,000 and over 83,000 students, which makes it the largest tertiary education provider in Australia.
  • In Australia, RMIT has three Melbourne campuses, and a flight training centre at Point Cook, a research site in the Southern Grampians, and of course a presence in South Australia via Hartwig Air!
  • Overseas, RMIT has two campuses in Vietnam and a presence in Spain. The institution also has teaching partnerships in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.


All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals from many different backgrounds, ranging from single engine charter through to wide body international airline captains. We believe in providing a variety of opportunities to learn and develop from different instructors throughout your training to ensure you get the best experience and value out of your training. Our 50 year history has shown that variety of teaching methodologies and abilities provides consistent outcomes. Whatever your ambitions and goals are for your career, we have the right instructor to show you the way.


There is little to be gained from flying real world aircraft from perfect airfields in perfect conditions. The Bruce Hartwig Flying School is ideally located on the Adelaide Plains. To the west we have two wide gulfs to give our students overwater experience. To the east we have the Adelaide Hills with many difficult and inaccessible agricultural strips. To the north we have the Australian Outback with nothing to navigate from apart from the occasional salt lake. To the south we have more hills, and the Southern Ocean with changeable weather conditions. We have agreements with the owners of a number of difficult-to-access strips to use their facilities to train our students. We ensure that our students can handle any minimum standard airfield that they are likely to encounter during their initial career. Weather conditions in Adelaide are generally fine with long hours of daylight, resulting in more training opportunities than in many parts of the world. However, Adelaide is generally quite windy exposing our students to frequent crosswind and turbulent conditions.


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