Want to take that first step into becoming a pilot or want to see how easy flying an aircraft is. Book in a 1-hour adventure flight with Hartwig Air!

The time conducted on the flight can be logged towards your pilot training!



Whats included

Pre-flight safety brief where the instructor will explain the basic controls and safety items of the flight

1 hour in the aircraft*, where the instructor will demonstrate how the aircraft maneuvers then will hand over the controls to you to have a go.

How to Book

Click on the Buy Now button at the top of the page and purchase your voucher. Once you have your voucher contact us by phone or email to book in your experience.

*Booking fee may apply as an extra fee
* 1 hour is an estimated total time that may vary due to operational requirements; experience is usually conducted on a C172 or a PA- 28 but may change due to operational requirements

Though friends or family are allowed to sit in on the pre-flight safety brief they arent allowed to be a passenger on the flight. Video recordings and photos are not permitted during any phase of the flight due to safety regulations.