Adelaide is one of Australias best-kept secrets. Listed as the fifth most liveable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Adelaide is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens, boasts world-class sporting and business facilities, a diverse food culture, and is just a short drive to the beach and some of Australias greatest wine regions.

Adelaide has also been named Australias safest city, with the lowest levels of crime according to Suncorp Banks Family Friendly City Report released in January 2013. These unique factors have made Adelaide one of the worlds most desirable cities to study, live and work.

Weather & Climate for Flying

Weather conditions in Adelaide are generally fine with long hours of daylight. As a result, there are more training opportunities for cadets than many other parts of the Australia or the world.

Hartwig Air is ideally located in the Adelaide plains, providing students the opportunity to gain experience in a range of flying conditions:

  • To the west are two gulfs, providing students with over-water experience
  • To the east is the Adelaide Hills that boasts many difficult and challenging agricultural airstrips
  • To the north is the famous Australian Outback providing experience in flight navigation with no landmarks
  • To the south there are more hills and the Southern Ocean with changeable weather conditions
  • Adelaide can also be quite windy, creating opportunity for students to gain experience in crosswinds and turbulent conditions

Based on the geography and environmental conditions in Adelaide, students who train with Hartwig Air will gain the real work experience in handling any minimum standard airfield or flying condition they are likely to encounter during their initial career.



You can rent or ˜lease a property by yourself or with friends. This can be done through a real estate agent or privately.

When renting a property, you will need to pay a security deposit or ˜bond (usually four weeks rent), as well as rent in advance (also usually four weeks). The bond is held to repair any damage that you, your housemates, or houseguests may cause to the property while renting. Some, or all, of this amount may be refunded to you once your tenancy agreement has terminated.

For more information on your rights and obligations when renting in Australia, you should visit the relevant government Fair Trading agency, but we also encourage you to contact our student liaison officer for assistance.


This involves students living with a local family in their home. Homestay can be a good option for younger students as they will have all the comforts of an established home, often with meals and cleaning included. Families offering homestay accommodation to international students are thoroughly screened to ensure they can provide a suitable living environment for students.

Please contact our student liaison officer to discuss Hartwig Air-accredited homestay accommodation options.



Adelaides public transport system includes buses, trains and trams and all of this can get you to the far reaches of the city. Youll find everything you need to know about Adelaides public transport including timetables and route maps from the link below.

The free ˜terrace to terrace tram service takes you through the city centre and connects with the Adelaide Railway Station and UniSA City West Campus. Also look out for the City loop bus (99C) that can take you on a ride past art galleries, museums and universities.

Students studying an approved course fulltime are eligible for concession (cheaper fare) on Adelaide Metro when holding a full time student card.

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Adelaide is a great outdoors city with good bike paths and cycling lanes, but there are a few things to remember before taking off on two wheels.
By law you must wear a helmet at all times while cycling.
When using bicycle lanes or shared paths, always keep left and give way to pedestrians.

All bikes must be fitted with a working bell and brakes.
Front and rear lights are required for riding at night or during hazardous weather conditions “ you must be visible from 200 metres. It is good idea to wear bright coloured clothing at all times

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In Australia, motorists drive on the left-hand side of the road. For visitors that come from countries where motorists drive on the right-hand side of the road this change in driving patterns can cause disorientation.

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Living Cost


The Economist Intelligence Units annual World Wide Cost of Living Survey identified Adelaide regularly achieves an excellent ranking as one of the most affordable cities in Australia. Statistics show that Adelaide is 19% cheaper to live in compared to Melbourne and Sydney, and 7% cheaper than Perth and Brisbane.

Health & Safety


All international students must have current health insurance while studying in Australia “ this is a visa regulation. The only exceptions are Swedish and Norwegian students, who will be required to pay up front for their medical service.

The OSHC covers basic medical services and emergency ambulance transport. Additional cover is available for services not covered by OSHC, such as dental, physiotherapy and optical services. Contact your education institution for more details about the OSHC card

Some providers (This isn’t a complete list)

Emergency Contact

Wherever you are in Australia, if theres a life-threatening emergency, call 000 (zero zero zero). Its a free call, even from your mobile. An operator will answer and will ask which of the following services you need: Police, Fire, Ambulance.

If youre not sure which one you need just tell the operator what you are calling about and they will help guide you. If you dont speak English, tell the operator your language and you will be connected to a translator who will be able to assist.