Shark Patrol Starts For The 2021/2022 Season

Shark Patrol has started for the 2021/2022 summer season Yesterday (Monday 6th December). Hartwig Air uses fixed-wing aircraft to patrol Adelaide’s metropolitan beaches and Victor Harbours.

The Run

Starting from our base at Parafield Airport the patrol starts from Outer Harbour tracking south patroling Adelaide’s metropolitan beaches, Aldinga, Myponga to Rapid Bay are covered. (Pink line on Map) Further routes include the beaches above but also track across to Victor Harbour and patrol along the coast up to the River Mouth. (Orange one on the Map)

The Aircraft

We use Cessna C172’s for the patrols. They are ideal for patroling being a high wing aircraft that give the spotter an unimpaired view of the coastline. These aircraft are also fitted with sirens which are activated to alert those enjoying the beach, that a shark has been spotted.

The Crew

Shark Patrol Crew

A crew of three is on each patrol, A Pilot, Communications Officer and Spotter.

Hartwig Air is very proud of our shark patrol team as the pilots are made up of some of our best Comercial Pilot graduates with the other crew members being some of our awesome current students.

This gives our students (past or present) great exposure to the aviation industry and commercial operations.

Image: RMIT Associate Degree of Aviation students Patrick and Isla with instructor Simon after line training.

After day one we spotted 10 sharks!!

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