Shark Patrol – Observer Training Completed!

One of the positions on our shark patrol 3 member crew is an observer. The observer role is vital as this is the person who is looking out for the sharks and then informing the pilot and communications officer of a shark sighting. Those who undertake the role go through and complete PUAAMS001 Work in an aviation environment and PUAAMS002 Search as a member of an air search team with the State Emergency Service (SES) (SES RTO: 40242) which this training was completed yesterday (10/12/2021). One of the elements of this training is to undertake observer training in an aircraft. Hartwig is assisting with this by utilising our Piper Chieftain. As part of their assessment, the trainees go up with the trainers\assessors from the SES and go through a scenario where they have to locate a target and communicate that with the operating crew as part of their assessment.

Pictured: Shark Patrol team members with Trainers and assessors from the SES after completing the air portion of their assessment in our Piper Chieftain

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