Your Path to a Private Pilot

This course is designed to take someone with no knowledge of flying whatsoever, up to having the competencies of being able to sit for their PPL.

South Australia is a beautiful place to live, but does suffer from “the tyranny of distance” to many places. Long car trips (especially with the kids) aren’t much fun, so we can train you from no knowledge of flying at all, right through to either a visually qualified private pilot, or a fully instrument rated private pilot.

The basic Private Pilot Licence (PPL) allows you to fly in the daytime only, with good visual conditions.

Many private pilots like to extend their PPL licence over time to include Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) which is the capability to fly by instruments alone, with no visibility. This means you can fly at night, and in poor weather conditions.

Some private pilots find that they love flying so much that they then choose to go on get their Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), enabling them to be paid to fly. All training under our private pilot licence training is compatible with continuing on to a career as a pilot if you decide to do so in the future.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the body that awards the actual licence, so this course is designed to place you in the best position possible to attain your licence.

Training Timeline

Test Flight

Accompanied by an instructor, you will fly an aircraft yourself for around an hour to familiarise yourself with being in control, and to determine whether you wish to proceed to the next stage.

Tailor your Training

Every person is different, so the way training should be delivered needs to be optimised to the individual.  A customised flight training program will be prepared for you to maximise your training opportunity.

Private Pilot LIcence (PPL)

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) allows you to fly “in command” anywhere in Australia, and many parts of the world.  You may not charge for your services as a pilot without holding a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), but you are permitted to cost share with your passengers to split the cost of the aircraft hire.

Our course includes 52 flying hours (42 dual and 10 solo), 105 hours of ground school training, and 2.5 hours of introduction to instrument training.  The pricing below is based on the average student and is therefore not fixed.  Some unscrupulous operators advertise very low prices because they base it on the CASA minimum of 40 hours training (which is next-to impossible to achieve), so be VERY WARY of what you are getting when sourcing quotes!

Private Instrument Flight Rating

This course typically follows a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) to enable you to fly at night, and with poor weather conditions. It gives you the skills to fly without any visual reference, so is a popular next choice for many holders of private pilot licences.

Private Pilot Pricing


  • $270
    per flight
  • Fly with a qualified flying instructor
  • Get the feel of flying an aircraft
  • Determine whether you want to go to the next step
  • IFR Instrument Flight Rating

  • $POA
    per course
  • Fly at night and in poor weather conditions
  • Pricing depends on many variables such as experience, type of aircraft.
  • Be very wary of any flight school quoting fixed prices!

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