recreational pilot training

Recreational Pilot Training

Becoming a recreational pilot is a fantastic way to add an extra dimension to your leisure time. Many people love being able to go to hard-to-reach recreational spots, while others just love being up amongst the clouds.

It all starts with a recreational pilot training course at an accredited aviation training facility. Hartwig Air is your gateway to taking up an amazing new past-time.

The Recreational Pilot Training process

Obligation-free discussion – contact our friendly staff to discuss your needs

Test flight – instructor-accompanied test flight to see if you want to continue

Aptitude tests – identify your strengths with a multi-faceted testing program

Tailored training plan – a training program will be tailor-made to suit your needs

Accredited training modules – commence your journey of recreational pilot training

Benefits from choosing Hartwig Air

46 year safety record – zero accidents or injuries across our entire history – you’re in safe hands.

Real World conditions – from our base on the Adelaide plains, experience a wide variety of weather and traffic conditions.

Modern Technology – a carefully chosen mix of aircraft to suit our entire training program, along with a state-of-the-art Redbird full-motion flight simulator.

What to expect from Hartwig Air

Established for over 46 years, Hartwig Air is at Parafield Airport, South Australia, Australia’s centre of aviation training excellence.

We focus on quality training, with an international accreditation in quality (ISO9001) and RTO status, CRICOS (for international students), and VET funding provider accreditation.

We train our student pilots to meet their own life objectives, whether they be to pilot an A380 Airbus or to fly a twin engine to Kangaroo Island.

Our School prides itself on the quality of our people. We have a diverse range of instructors and support staff that are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for our students.