David Blake CEO & Director

David has been the CEO of three major airlines across Australia and Europe. With thousands of hours experience flying aircraft including the 747 he provides a strong direction for the organisation and personal assistance to students seeking guidance.

David Johnston Director & CFO
Chris Pfitzner Cheif Pilot (Charter)

Chris has thousands of hours experience flying in regional South Australia not to mention flying around the world in places such as Thailand and the United States. We are blessed at Hartwig Air to have someone with years of experience and someone so willing to bestow this information to the next generation of Aviators.

David Forsyth Head of Operations

David joined the team as the HoO in 2017.
He brings a wealth of knowledge not just in the training environment but in the charter environment as well.
Have a question? he is more than willing to help

Alison Jones Quality Manager
Jacqui Stevens Student Liaison Manager
Joe I
Joe Ikin Part 142 Manager

Joe completed his training in Queensland and has since worked in Sydney, Melbourne and now Adelaide. He has experience challenging environments which has molded him into an ideal Training Manager. In this role he oversees all students with our Degree and Diploma courses to ensure they comply with CASA requirements.

Lia Ladas Administration Manager

Lia has vast experience managing personnel which results in her being pivotal in shaping the cultural fabric of Hartwig Air. Lia also manages course programs at Hartwig Air including our Degree and Diploma courses.

Wayne Grant Safety Manager

With years of history working at Parafield Airport Wayne is an invaluable guiding light to all junior staff and students. Working as our safety manager, Wayne strives to ensure we are always operating safely above and beyond CASA requirements.

Darren Sheldon Business Development Manager

Darren manages the Adelaide Pilot shop and is a qualified pilot working in Hartwig Air Charter operations.

Kingsley Symonds Ground School Manager

Kingsley is our theory teacher, student progress officer, grade two instructor and I.T specialist to name a few. Partnering closely with students Kingsley will work to resolve any challenges that arise throughout your course.