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1. Trial Flight


Accompanied by an instructor, you will fly an aircraft yourself for around an hour to familiarise yourself with being in control, giving you a feel of what it is like to fly an aircraft. From here if you wish to proceed further you can enrol into the Private Pilot Licence Course.

2. First Solo

You're In Control

Experience what it is like to fly solo, without an instructor next to you. When our instructors believe you are ready, you will take full control of the aircraft from take-off to landing. Your first solo flight is an exciting and unique experience where you start to truly feel like a pilot.

3. Private Pilot’s Licence

You're in Command

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) allows you to fly “in command” anywhere in Australia, and many places worldwide. Obtaining your PPL also opens the door to furthering your training and becoming a commercial pilot. There are two levels to the Private Pilot Licence with the basic PPL allowing you to fly during daytime hours and the Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) permitting you to fly at night and in poor weather conditions.

To find out more on the application process and how to start earning your private pilots licence send us a message

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