Commercial FAQs

What does studying Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) involve?

Students study both the practical & theoretical aspects of becoming a pilot as part of the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots).

We operate out of one of Australia’s busiest airports and Australia’s Centre of Aviation Training Excellence, Parafield Airport. This gives students a wide-ranging experience in handling a variety of scenarios that will prepare them well for integration into the commercial pilot industry.

Students will hone their craft in the skies with a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft, while spending time in the classroom studying under the guidance of some of Australia’s most experienced commercial pilots.

What does the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) cost?

The Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) costs $62,640 to $67,920 (2019 annual), and is a two year program.

Depending on the students’ personal eligibility, they may be able to claim financial assistance from the Australia Government through the FEE HELP scheme.

Is there funding available for the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots)?

Yes there is! Providing you are an Australian citizen and meet all other prerequisites, then you may qualify for financial assistance from the Australian Government through the FEE HELP system with the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots).

You can find more information on the FEE HELP system at If you have any further questions, please contact us directly

What days are classes of the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) held?

The Ground School lessons (i.e. theory lessons) are compulsory and are only conducted face-to-face (i.e. not online). They are held on Mondays – Thursdays from 8:30am – 4:30pm. The Schedule will vary throughout the course, RPL Students will have 1 full day of theory whereas PPL and CPL Students can expect 2 full days of theory. Full attendance to these classes is required to pass the course.

There are also two days per week that the student allocates for their flight training. Specific flight training days can be chosen by the student. Flight training operate over 7 days.

Can I get credits for prior study?

If you’ve completed the previous study similar to the Associate Degree in (Professional Pilots), you may be eligible for study credits based on your experience. When you apply, you will be asked to note the previous study and provide evidence, which will be considered with your application. All approved credits will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For example, RA-AUS hours may constitute RPL (Recognition for Prior Learning). However, this is at the discretion of the Head of Operations based on demonstrated competencies from the student.

What are the career prospects for commercial pilots in Australia and across the world?

Graduates are well positioned for employment given the severe shortage of pilots and flight instructors in Australia and in the Asia Pacific region.

It is predicted that 640,000 pilots will be required to full vacant positions over the next 10 to 15 years as demand for more and more flight services significantly increase.

What is the Vietnam Airlines Cadet Program?

The Vietnam Airlines Cadet Program is an 18-month course conducted in Adelaide, South Australia, and is based at Australia’s Centre of Aviation Training Excellence in the Parafield Airport, just north of the Adelaide CBD.

On successful completion of the Cadet program, students will be fully trained with real world experience in handling any minimum standard airfield or flying condition they are likely to encounter during their initial career.

The complete range of real world environmental conditions available in South Australia, combined with the experience and impeccable safety record of Hartwig Air, enables Cadets to achieve an extremely high level of practical flying competency.

What are the prerequisites for the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots)?

If you’re an Australian student, completing Year 12 and attaining a study score of at least 20 in mathematics (any) and a study score of at least 20 in any English (except EAL) or at least 25 in English (EAL) is required.

If you’re not a Year 12 graduate, we recommend submitting additional information where possible (i.e. completed accreditation or certificates) to be considered. Alternatively you can sit a CSPA (Core Skills Profile Analysis) Test at the School to submit with your application.

Furthermore, successful applicants are required to undergo a CASA Class 1 Medical Examination performed by a medical practitioner known as a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner. For details please visit or contact us directly.

How long does the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) take to complete?

It is a 2-year course.

What is the minimum age a student can be to start studying the BHFS & RMIT aviation degree?

18 years of age is the youngest a student can be before commencing study of the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots).

Is it possible to study the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) part-time?

No, the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) is full-time study only.

What aircraft will I perform my practical study for the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots) in?

Students complete their training in the following single and multi-engine aircraft

  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 182
  • BE55 Beechcraft Baron

Does Hartwig Air offer working opportunities to students?

We operate our own charter business and have Government work contracts, including shark patrol operations. This provides excellent opportunities for our students to apply for an participate in on-the-job paid training experiences outside of their training schedule.

Private FAQs

Can I access government funding to complete the Private Pilot Licence?

No, there is no Government-supporting financial assistance available for any private pilot education components.

How much does the Private Pilot Licence cost to complete?

You can begin studying the Private Pilot Licence from as little as $28 per week.

How long does it take to complete the Private Pilot Licence?

This depends entirely on the individual – the time can range from 3 months to several years. It is purely a function of the amount of time you are able and willing to dedicate to your training. It is most effective to schedule regular training, as long gaps between modules often mean repeating components. This extends the time and cost of the course, so a minimum of one lesson a week is recommended, in which case it will take around one year to get your PPL.

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