Get Above It All

By Car
Adelaide to Port Lincoln – 7 hours
Adelaide to Kingscote – 3 hours
Adelaide to Wakierie – 2 hours

By Plane
All of the above – around 60 minutes or less!

Whether you want to do it your self and train to become a pilot or charter us to fly you where you need to go

Pilot Training

Whether you are looking at being able to travel further in less time for that weekend getaway or making a career out of it we will have a training program to suit you

Charter Services

Want to go somewhere the airlines don’t or is the airlines schedule doesn’t fit yours?
Why not charter your own aircraft and pilot to take you where you need to go. Whether its just for you or a group we have options that suite you!

Get Above It All with an Adventure Flight

1 hour flight with a dedicated instructor where you get to control of an actual aircraft!