fathers day gift ideas adelaide

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Adelaide

Stuck for gift ideas this Father’s Day? Don’t want to stick with the usual ties, socks or underwear? Does your Dad love excitement, adventure and doing something new?

A Hartwig Air gift voucher could be just what you are looking for. Choose from our Scenic Flight, Adventure Flight or Flight Simulator vouchers, and give Dad a Father’s Day gift he will never forget.

Ride as a passenger as you skim the waves in the gulf, or fly the plane yourself with assistance from one of our highly experienced instructors. Alternatively you can pilot our state-of-the-art Redbird full-motion flight simulator, giving you an immersive virtual reality experience second only to the real thing itself!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Adelaide – think Hartwig Air.

Hartwig Air Gift Vouchers

Visit the Gift Vouchers page and choose from either the Scenic Flight, Adventure Flight or Flight Simulator packages.

Book your flight experience with our friendly staff, then come and enjoy the Father’s Day experience of a lifetime!

Benefits of choosing Hartwig Air

46 year safety record – zero accidents or injuries across our entire history – you’re in safe hands.

Modern Technology – only the latest aircraft, meticulously maintained and suitable for all types of flight.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Adelaide

Scenic Flights Voucher – Leaving from Parafield Airport over Adelaide City and Henley Beach, turning north along the beaches, all the way to Outer Harbour. Fly as low as 155 metres as you skim the waves.

Adventure Flight Voucher – A one hour flight including a free Safety and Understanding ground briefing. You will actually assist the pilot to take-off, then fly hands-on and unassisted, controlling the aircraft yourself under safe supervision, right up to the moment of landing.

Flight Simulator Voucher – You will have an hour with a qualified flight instructor in our full-motion flight simulator. Because the sim moves, it doesn’t take long for you to become immersed into the virtual reality environment. The aircraft controls are authentic, and you can choose from many cities around the world to take-off, land, and explore.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Adelaide – think Hartwig Air.