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Can I access government funding to do my PPL?

No. VET Student Loans are not available for any private pilot education components, but may be available for commercial-level training.

How long will it take to get my PPL?

This depends entirely on the individual. The time can range from 3 months to several years, and is a function of the amount of time you are able (and willing) to dedicate to your training. It is most effective to schedule regular training, as long gaps between modules often mean repeating components. This extends the time and cost of the course, so a minimum of one lesson a week is recommended, in which case it will take around one year to get your PPL.

Some other Schools advertise very low-cost PPL’s. Why don’t you offer a fixed price?

We are not aware of any aviation training schools offering fixed price PPL courses. The “fine print” usually includes the word “from $x”, which usually relates to the minimum number of 40 hours flying that must be logged in order to sit the CASA PPL exam. In reality, it is virtually impossible to develop the competencies in 40 hours of training. Based on our 46 years of experience, our typical PPL student will take between 55 and 65 hours of flight training in order to be competent to sit for the CASA PPL exam. We are also aware of some aviation training schools where their average student flight time is over 100 hours before they are ready to sit their PPL test. As the cost of the course is mostly due to the cost of the aircraft maintenance and fuel, the number of hours is the driving force. As people’s capabilities differ considerably, it is not ethical to offer a low-price course when in all probability a student will take much longer than the minimum 40 hours. You are encouraged to examine the details of such offers, and ask for a fixed-low-price contract in writing. We are almost certain no such contract will be forthcoming… Click here to see a cost/hours comparison:
Link to PPL cost curve.pdf

Can I do a super-cheap PPL somewhere else and transfer?

If you hold a current CASA Private Pilot Licence, you can enroll in our Diploma course.

If you do some training with a “super-cheap school” and wish to transfer partway through your PPL training, you may not receive full (or any) credit for the training you have already undertaken.  This is because we require demonstration of competencies in order to issue Recognition for Prior Learning against our PPL course.  Our School takes quality and competency very seriously, and we have seen many students coming to us with sub-standard partial training over the years who become very disappointed with what they have really achieved.

The old adage “cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap” applies to PPL training.  We recommend any potential student to think hard and do their research when deciding on their flight school.  The price we quote is for the average student, so if you are above average – your PPL will cost you less than our quote.

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