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   104 Hours


25 OCT 2021
(mon & Tue)

Gain the theory knowledge towards the CASA RPL(A) Theory Exam. Not looking at an RPL? This is still a great way to gain the foundation knowledge towards PPL or even CPL subjects.

Note: This includes Pre-Solo Theory

Program Structure

25 x 4 hour theory sessions (Mon & Tue nights)

5 x Exams plus extra progression quizzes

1 x 4 hour revision session (Based on Final Exam)


There are no pre-requisites for this course

Online Classes

Online classes have become the new normal with theory delivery during the COVID 19 pandemic. Though it isn’t just sitting and listing to the screen, our online classes are interactive with your instructor. Get competitive with quizzes with your classmates.

Unable to make it to the live session no problem. All sessions are recorded for later revision. All quizzes can also be completed at a later time


Tuition Fees

$99 includes delivery mentioned under program structure

Extra support hours are available to be purchased for $55 per hour

Refund Policy
A full refund will be provided if:

  • the course is cancelled by Hartwig Air, or
  • the refund is requested prior to the commencement of the theory course delivery
  • All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing (email admin@hartwigair.com.au) prior to the commencement of the theory course delivery. A refund will not be granted if the request is received after the theory course delivery has commenced.
Material Fees

In addition to the tuition fees the following will be required for the course

Item Price (Estimate)
CASA VFRG*$49.95
Civil Aviation Regulations & Civil Aviation Safety Regulations*$139
Civil Aviation Orders*$87
Aeronautical Information Publication*$69
Student Pilot Kit$210
*Free online versions may be available but can’t be used in a CASA Exam

Extra theory support as 1 on 1 tutorials available for $55 per hour