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  Varies* Free – $7000* FEB 2022*
July 2022
Parafield, SA or ONLINE  

Whether you are already in flight training, looking at starting flight training or just interested in aviation theory our ground theory courses are for you. Covering from introductory knowledge through to CPL subjects.

Different Study Modes

We deliver both online and in person classes to give you the option that suits you.


  • Can be accessed anywhere in the world
  • Are interactive with quizzes and group activities (Yes we can do this online)
  • Session is recorded for later viewing
  • Extra support is available online

In Person

  • In classroom environment
  • Interactive with in class quizzes and group activities
  • Sessions are recorded for later viewing

Your Instructors

We don’t put just anyone in to teach you. Our instructors who deliver your theory are or have been commercial pilots with charter experience. So you will get explained how the theory gets implemented in practice

Theory Courses Available

Pre-Solo Theory – FREE

A good way to trail out aviation theory. Aimed at giving you the initial building blocks and achieve the pre-solo exam.

Recreational Pilots Theory

Aimed at gaining the theory required for the Recreational Pilots Licence CASA exam but is also a good way to gain the foundation knowledge for the PPL and CPL exams

Private Pilots Theory

Aimed at gaining the theory required for the Private Pilots Licence CASA exam

Commercial Pilot Theory

Aimed at gaining the theory knowledge required to pass the 7 CPL CASA exams. Can choose to enrol into all 7 or pick and choose individual subjects