Duration Fees Next intakes Location  
  3-6 weeks* $4500 Any time* Parafield Airport, SA  

Take your career to the next level and get trained in the Piper Chieftain.

This aircraft type is used in a variety of operations across the industry. With its 9 passenger seating capacity or over 1,000kg cargo capacity and its ability to get in and out of some short rural strips. Its one of the best aircraft for the Australian charter operator.

Not only a flight School

Hartwig Air isn’t just a flight school it also has its own charter division.

Hartwig Air charter has served private clients, large organisations and government bodies to meet their transport needs. Including serving the longest mail run in the world running between Port Augusta (SA) to Burnsville (QLD).

Part 141
Part 141 training otherwise known as non-integrated training is an authorisation from CASA to be able to conduct flight training. Non-integrated training is suitable for those who want to study at their own pace however we have full time study options available as well.

Program Structure

3 Hours Dual + 4 Hours classroom breifing


To be admitted into this program. Applicants must meet the following criteria

  • Multi engine class rating
  • Current multi engine class rating flight review

Want even more hours? ICUS Time

Gain 10 hours ICUS on the PA31 through the PA31 Piper Chieftain Training + ICUS program. This is conducted on one of our numerous charter operations using the PA31.


Tuition Fees

$4500 (ex GST)
Includes 3 hours Dual and 4 Hours classroom briefing

Payable prior to start of training


In some situations, students who require training above the maximum allotted flight hours for their course may be charged for any additional flight hours to achieve the required competencies

Aircraft Fee Price per hour (GST Inc)
Instructor fees
Grade 1 $137.50