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  06 Weeks- Mon- Wed


Ongoing Parafield Airport,SA  

With the Flight Attendant Program, we ensure that you are skilled to meet the demands of the industry even before you are sky bound.

Our 6 Weeks Full-Time Program teaches you to be a Safety & Service professional, prepping you for type-specific training that will be offered by Airlines and Corporate jet operators alike. Watch the testimonial video at the end of the page by a former student and current Emirates Airline Crew member.

  • Completed Year 12 on or before enrolment,
  • Completed 18 Years of Age on or before enrolment.

Unlike a normal classroom, at Hartwig Air, your learning will be in the midst of flight simulators and planes taking off and landing at the Parafield airport in Adelaide giving you a holistic feel of life in Aviation.

Program Structure

The Flight Attendant Course Modules

Inflight Service
Standard Operating Procedures
Inflight Emergencies
Professional Grooming
Safety Equipment
Aircraft Familiarisation
First Aid Certification
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Soft Skills Sessions
Stress Management
Resume Writing
Guest Lectures from Aviators

Once you have graduated, you will be able to:


  • Understand the Concept of Flight Safety
  • Understand Professional Self-image and Grooming
  • Master Inflight Service
  • Be a Soft Skill Champion
  • RSA Certified
  • First Aid Certified
  • Manage Sales and Stock keeping
  • Attend your interview with confidence.
Tuition Fees

Tuition fees – ( Excluding External Certifications ) $3200

Payable in 1 payment at the beginning of the Course (10 days prior to the Course start date )

Material Fees

Tuition fees includes all Material costs.

See what a recent graduate had to say about the program


Once you have completed the course and to ensure that you have the best shot at being an aviation professional, we will assist you in writing your Resume and Cover Letter professionally.

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