Duration Fees Next intakes Location  
  51-63 weeks* $72,000-$89,000* Any time* Parafield Airport, SA  

If you aspire to pursue a career as a pilot, obtaining a commercial pilot’s license is essential. At Hartwig Air, we provide comprehensive courses tailored to cater to your educational requirements. Our programs guide you from a beginner with no prior experience to successfully attaining the CASA Commercial Pilots License (CPL). Moreover, our courses offer valuable logbook experience on aircraft that is widely favored by employers globally, enhancing your competitiveness in the aviation industry.
Flight crew responsibilities encompass the application of both technical and non-technical aviation expertise across a diverse spectrum of air transport operations, encompassing passenger, charter, and cargo services. Individuals operating at this level are expected to utilize their knowledge and skills to exhibit autonomy, exercise sound judgment, and shoulder defined responsibilities within familiar or evolving scenarios, all within established yet expansive parameters.

Possible career outcomes

The Commercial Pilots License is the minimum standard required for employment as a pilot. Every professional pilot, including Hartwig Air Instructors, possesses a Commercial Pilot License.
The career options for pilots are many, and varied. They can include:
Airline Pilot
Corporate/Charter Aviation
Flight Instructor
Medical/Air Ambulance Pilot
Search and Rescue Pilot
Aerial Survey Pilot

Part 141 and 142 training
Part 142 training, otherwise known as integrated training, is authorization from CASA to conduct an intensive course involving both flying and theory training integrated together. This allows us to reduce the total amount of hours required from 200 down to 150 hours of aeronautical experience. Part 142 training is conducted as a full-time course

Part 141 training, otherwise known as non-integrated training, is suitable for those people who want to go at their own pace. You still obtain the same license; however, you require 200 hours.

Study options to suit you
We want to make sure you have the best experience while training with us, and we understand that everyone is different. Hartwig Air has courses that will allow you to obtain your commercial pilot’s license (CPL) in a manner that suits you. Whether you want to study at your own pace or study full time, our team can help you find the best course to suit you!

Funding options to suit you
Everyone’s financial situation is different, and we can help you pick a course that still allows you to obtain your Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) while ensuring you don’t break the bank. Some of our courses can be deferred to a HELP debt, allowing you to pay off your course later (Click HERE for more information), or you may only want to pay for the hours you use as you train by being a Pay As You Go student. Our team can help you find the best course to suit you!

Training Programs Available

RMIT – AD023 Associate Degree in Aviation

Be a part of one of the worlds top ranking universities while studying in Adelaide.
Fee HELP loan available.