Cessna 172

The Cessna C172 was first built in the 1950s and has since become the most popular mass produced aircraft ever. The C172 is renowned for its robust airframe, reliability and safety, making it the best option for basic and intermediate training. The Cessna 172R is equipped with traditional analogue instruments, providing students with exposure to the standard ˜6 pack instrument configuration arming them with the knowledge and skills required to pilot the older aircraft that still form the backbone of most charter fleets within Australia. We also operate the modern Cessna 172SP with the Garmin 1000 glass cockpit panel providing perfect transition to glass for the students wishing to follow this path. The C172 is a tried and tested machine that has formed the foundations of many students around the world.

Cessna 206

The Bruce Hartwig Flying School believes that all training must be undertaken in œreal world type aircraft such as our Cessna C206. The Cessna C206 is the workhorse of small scenic operators and charter organisations both within Australia and around the World, the same businesses that will give newly qualified Commercial Pilots their first break into the world of commercial aviation. At Bruce Hartwig Flying School we use the Cessna C206 for the final stages of a Commercial Pilots training to give our graduates the edge. We believe strongly that this experience in our C206 commercial trainer is why our graduates have such an incredible success rate in gaining commercial pilot employment, straight from our school.

B55 Baron

The Beechcraft Baron needs little introduction as it is regarded throughout the world as the ultimate light twin. A true 180 knots, six seat aircraft that is capable of climbing in excess of 2000 feet per minute. The Baron is undoubtedly the ultimate twin to train on as will become evident when applying for your first flying job. Our Barons are well equipped, well maintained and offer you the opportunity to train on aircraft other organisations cannot offer. Our aircraft are kept to a very high standard as these same machines are used for air charters. Bruce Hartwig Flying School is committed to providing our students with the best opportunity to find work in the real world, and you dont get much more real world then the Baron.

PA31 Chieftain

The pride of our fleet is our Piper PA31 Chieftain. This aircraft is designed for range and speed and allows pilots to transverse large distances. This all-weather aircraft is capable of taking up to nine passengers or around 900kg of freight. This twin engine turbocharged 700hp aircraft has a cruise speed of 165 knots and is used primarily for charter & freight operations throughout the world. It is one of the most popular charter aircraft throughout Australia and known for its versatility and reliability. This aircraft is one of the largest piston aircraft used in Australia and will provides that added edge your flying ability.

FMX Simulator

The School is proud to own the only operational full motion Redbird Flight Simulator in South Australia.

The FMXs electric full-motion platform and wrap-around visual offer multi-million dollar realism.  Our Redbird holds CASA approval, is used in many aspects of flight training “ particularly instrument training.

The Redbird can simulate most of our fleet aircraft, and is an incredibly powerful training platform that is a very cost-effective way of practicing flying techniques.