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The Program

The Vietnam Airlines Cadet Program is an 18-month course conducted in Adelaide, South Australia, and is based at Parafield Airport just north of the Adelaide CBD.
On successful completion of the Cadet program, students will be fully trained with real world experience in handling any minimum standard airfield or flying condition they are likely to encounter during their initial career.
The complete range of real world environmental conditions available in South Australia, combined with the experience and impeccable safety record of Hartwig Air, enable Cadets to achieve an extremely high level of practical flying competency.


Why Adelaide

Adelaide is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Listed as the fifth most liveable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Adelaide is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens, boasts world-class sporting and business facilities, a diverse food culture, and is just a short drive to the beach and some of Australia’s greatest wine regions. In addition, Adelaide has been named Australia’s safest city, with the lowest levels of crime according to Suncorp Bank’s Family Friendly City Report released in January 2013.
These unique factors have made Adelaide one of the worlds most desirable cities to study, live and work.


Living Costs

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual World Wide Cost of Living Survey identified Adelaide regularly achieves an excellent ranking as one of the most affordable cities in Australia. Statistics show that Adelaide is 19% cheaper to live in compared to Melbourne and Sydney, and 7% cheaper than Perth and Brisbane.

Weather and Climate for Flying

Weather conditions in Adelaide are generally fine with long hours of daylight. As a result, there are more training opportunities for cadets than many other parts of the Australia or the world.
Hartwig Air is ideally located in the Adelaide plains providing students the opportunity to gain experience in a range of flying conditions:
• To the west are two gulfs, providing students with over-water experience
• To the east is the Adelaide Hills that boasts many difficult and challenging agricultural airstrips
• To the north is the famous Australian Outback providing experience in flight navigation with no landmarks
• To the south there are more hills and the Southern Ocean with changeable weather conditions.
• Adelaide can also be quite windy, creating opportunity for students to gain experience in crosswinds and turbulent conditions.
Based on the geography and environmental conditions in Adelaide, students who train with Hartwig Air will gain the real work experience in handling any minimum standard airfield or flying condition they are likely to encounter during their initial career.


Why Hartwig Air

Hartwig Air is clearly focused on the employment of our graduates. With a 46 year history and an unblemished safety record, we are committed to providing our students with quality training across a diverse mix of aircraft that is designed to prepare them for their professional future as a pilot.



• Our instructors are rigorously trained in the latest teaching techniques ensuring up-to-date training for our cadets
• We have seven different types of aircraft for pilot training, as well as our Red Bird full-motion simulator
• Hartwig have agreements with the owners of a number of difficult-to-access airstrips so that students can gain greater experience across different conditions.


Hartwig Air provide students with a range of accommodation options. This includes:
• Accommodation at the airport
• Serviced apartments
• Homestay options
• Share house opportunities.


On-the-job Training

Hartwig Air operate it’s own charter business, including government shark patrol operations. This provides excellent opportunities for our best students to participate in on-the-job paid training experiences outside of their training schedule.

Student Life

Students are provided the opportunity to take part in a range of activities outside of their Training that will enhance their educational experience.


BHFS Social Club

The BHFS Social Club provides students with opportunities to socialise at monthly BBQs and other special social events. Students can also stay fit, healthy and have some fun as a member of our soccer club.

Student Support Service

Hartwig Air has a dedicated Student Liaison Officer whose role is to provide ongoing support to international students in adjusting to studying and living in Australia. As a registered Occupational Therapist, they provide all-rounded support to our students. During orientation, each student is welcomed by the Student Liaison Officer individually. They conduct an intake assessment to determine individual needs and support required for all our international students, which assists to ensure a smooth and easy transition into Australian life.


Parent Information

In addition to providing support to students in their studies, Hartwig Air also has the resources and facilities to provide full support across their living, social and health needs.
Several of our staff can also speak Vietnamese, ensuring a smooth and supportive transition for students relocating to Adelaide and our school.
Our staff are always available and parents can contact them any time by phone, Skype or email.



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