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The Bruce Hartwig Flying School is recognized as one of Australia’s best aviation schools and will provide you with all the skills needed to become a pilot. The school offers six different types of aviation courses. These courses allow you to be recognized as a commercial or recreational pilot. We train our students so that they meet their own life goals. These goals can range from being the pilot of an A380 Airbus with a major international airline or being a recreational pilot, who has the ability to simply fly for fun! The Bruce Hartwig Flying School has been training students for over 46 years at the Parafield Airport, South Australia. All instructors are accurately trained in the latest techniques and are committed to practical teaching methods. The school itself emphasizes safety and this is a dominant part of the syllabus. For exceptional courses in aviation look no further than Bruce Hartwig Flying School.

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Enrol into the best aviation courses in Adelaide. The Bruce Hartwig Flying School is known for offering a range of exceptional aviation courses. Our pilots are highly trained and have experienced from all different fields of aviation. They will expose you to a range of different planes, landing strips, and flying techniques.In order to be eligible to enroll in an aviation course, you will need to meet several different requirements. These requirements include English language proficiency, medical certification, and optical requirements. The courses can lead you into different avenues of flying. Many students either choose to be a commercial pilot or become a pilot for recreational purposes. The school provides a lot of advice during the early stages of your enrollment in regards to the career path or goals that you might have. Through this advice, students can identify which avenue they want to endeavor. Learn with the best in the industry!

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The objective of the Bruce Hartwig Flying School is to train students to meet their own life objectives, through their choice of the aviation courses. The aviation courses include a range of technology so that students can gain a deeper understanding of flying before even sitting in the air. The school has invested in state-of-the-art Redbird full motion flight stimulator and cloud based information systems. Allowing for students to gain virtual experience and have access to an abundant amount of information, respectively. Furthermore, whilst at the school, all students can embrace new technology such as iPads, electronic swipe cards, and online lessons. We are always seeking to advance our technology so that students can attain as many benefits as possible. The main goal of the Bruce Hartwig Flying School is to maximise students’ commercial exposure and the possibility of being employed. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now via 8258 4244.

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