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The Bruce Hartwig Flying School is one of Australia’s premier specialist aviation schools and will teach you how to become a pilot. Bruce Hartwig Flying School has been teaching students how to become a pilot for over 46 years. The instructors are meticulously trained in the latest techniques. However, they also have an extremely practical teaching style. The school is located at Parafield Airport, South Australia and is committed to delivering aviation training excellence. The school itself focuses on safety and this is a paramount part of the syllabus. Additionally, the school has many safety and quality management systems in place. In order to learn the concepts of safety, the school exposes students to a variety of different aircraft carriers, flying into different airfields and different weather conditions. Our professional and qualified instructors all have different flying backgrounds, allowing students to be exposed to different training experiences. Don’t wait! Explore our courses now!

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Learn how to become a pilot with highly trained and experienced instructors. The Bruce Hartwig School of Flying is known for its excellent courses and ability to teach students how to become a pilot. In order to enroll, there are several different requirements that need to be met. These requirements include English language proficiency, medical certification, and optical requirements. The list of requirements is outlined in detail on our website. Students may choose from both commercial and recreational course. Our courses are able to accommodate students from a range of backgrounds. To become a ‘commercial pilot’ students are initially required to attain a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), Multi-engine Class rating (ME), Command Instrument Rating (CIR) and an Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL). The Bruce Hartwig Flying School provides career advice in the early stages of study so that the training you receive, as a student, is relevant to your goal.

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Committing yourself to learn how to become a pilot is initially extremely challenging. However, when you learn how to become a pilot, there are many benefits. The Bruce Hartwig Flying School makes the entire process much easier. The culture of the school allows for you as a student to grow quickly and adapt to the expectations of commercial piloting easily. The program itself includes a disciplined schedule, requires students to wear a uniform, teaches students to be fluent in radio communications and install a sense of confidence within passengers. You will be exposed to a fleet of various types of aircraft carriers that are necessary for training in all different forms of training. Additionally, we have installed a Redbird full-motion flight stimulator to allow for student instrument training. If you are interested in learning to fly, get in touch with our friendly staff now! You can contact us via 8258 4244.

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