Established for nearly 50 years, Hartwig Air is at Parafield Airport, South Australia, around 20km from the centre of Adelaide.

Hartwig Air is now in the final process of partnering with RMIT University (Australia’s largest tertiary education provider) to provide commercial pilot training.


Training to be a professional pilot

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate students from a wide variety of backgrounds, with varying career objectives, and differing levels in experience in the aviation industry – ranging from none, right through to experienced pilots seeking further advanced training.

Being a commercial pilot requires a lifetime of ongoing training, starting with attaining your initial qualifications. These include Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), Multi-engine class rating (ME), Command Instrument Rating (CIR) and Air Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL). In addition to these there a multiple other endorsements and ratings available depending on your chosen career path.

The list of acronyms is large in aviation, and we seek to simplify the path as much as possible, including career advice early-on to ensure that any training undertaken is done so with a clear career goal being present in the mind of our students. The experience of our staff goes well into the hundreds of thousands of hours of flight experience, as well as deep understanding of the commercial aviation industry including major airlines.

Becoming a commercial pilot is hard work, mentally challenging, and incredibly rewarding. If you have career aspirations to go down this path, you can be in no better hands than those of our School.


Our Courses

AVI 50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence-Aeroplane)

This course is designed to take someone with no knowledge of flying whatsoever to become licenced as Commercial Pilot.

AVI 50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

The Diploma of Aviation is an accredited course that enables you to become licenced as an instrument-rated, commercial pilot.

AVI 50510 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor)

The Diploma of Aviation is an accredited course that enables you to become licenced as a Flight Instructor.

This course has been superseded by AVI50516 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor). Students will need to complete the course prior to 28/08/2017.

Night VFR Rating (NVFR)

This course is to take privately licenced pilots up to the level of competency required to fly at night in good weather, part visual and part instrument.

Multi Engine Class Rating (MEA)

This course is to enable you to fly aircraft with more than one engine. It gives you the skills to safely handle all aspects of multi-engine flight.

Command Instrument Rating (CIR)

This course is to enable you to fly at night, and with poor weather conditions. It gives you the skills to fly without any visual reference.

Private / recreational pilot training

Are you interested in flying yourself, for lifestyle, business or just plain fun? For example, from Adelaide:

  • Fly your family to the Flinders Ranges for some camping in less than an hour.

  • Fly some friends to lunch in the Grampians in around 45 minutes.

  • Pop over to Kangaroo Island in half an hour.

  • Be in Melbourne in 2 hours without the hassle of airport security etc., and return home when you want, not according to airline schedules.

  • Fly some mates in a plane with floats and land in the middle of a remote lake for some serious fishing.


Our Courses

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

This course is designed to take someone with no knowledge of flying whatsoever, to being able to safely navigate around the country.

Private Instrument Rating (PIR)

This course enables you to fly at night, and with poor weather conditions. The PIR is a popular choice for many PPL holders as it provides more flexibility and safety to your flying.

Safety and quality

International accreditation in quality (ISO9001), which translates into absolute focus on quality training which leads to increased safety for graduating pilots and their passengers. The School also possesses all required accreditations such as RTO status, CRICOS (for international students), and is an accredited VET funding provider.

Customised training

We aim to train our student pilots to meet their own life objectives. Those objectives range from piloting an A380 Airbus at a major international airline, becoming a pilot in charter, business and general aviation in a variety of countries, through to recreational objectives such as gaining a Private Pilot Licence.


From our state-of-the-art Redbird full motion flight simulator, through to our cloud-based information systems and embracing use of new technologies such as iPads, electronic swipe cards, and access to lessons online and webcam live and past eTutorials and Lectures. We constantly assess new technologies and apply them where they will benefit our students and the School.

Our fleet

Our fleet is a mix of aircraft including the Diamond DA20, Cessna C172, Cirrus SR20, Cessna C206, Beechcraft BE55 Baron, Diamond DA42 Twinstar and Piper PA31 Chieftain. We train in both analogue and glass cockpits, in a variety of different aircraft types , designed to maximise the students commercial experience and employability in real world scenarios.

If you are interested in learning to fly for career or recreational purposes, get in contact with us now!   Contact us


New pilots required in SE Asian over the next 18 years


7.3 Percent is the Annual Traffic Growth estimate in the Middle East – Asia Pacific routes 2012 – 2032


5 Percent is the growth estimate of the Cargo traffic (RTK) in 2012 – 2032

Our Team

Our School prides itself on the quality of our people. We have a diverse range of instructors and support staff that are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for our aviation students.


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If you are interested in learning to fly for career or recreational purposes, get in contact with us now!

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