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Private charter travel offers a supreme level of convenience, which airlines simply cannot replicate. As a charter passenger you won’t encounter frustrating limitations like unsuitable departure times or a narrow selection of airports being served. Instead, charter companies create an itinerary that is tailored to your specific requirements, without the unnecessary hurdles that lead to a stressful travel experience. Air charter companies have access to thousands of airports, many of which are inaccessible to airlines. That means a quicker trip, with fewer wasted hours on ground travel. And even if you’re running late, the aircraft remains on the tarmac until you arrive. Definitely not something the airlines can offer!



Airline passengers often complain about stressful and time-consuming airport procedures. You have to check into a flight hours before the actual departure, endure security checks, walk through crowds of people to reach the departure gate, and wait around to commence boarding. Thankfully the experience is much quicker and more relaxed with private charter companies, which eliminate the long queues, the congested airports, and the undesirable waiting times. The point to point service offered by Air Charter simply cannot be matched by the airlines catering to the mass.


Different clients have different requirements, depending on the purpose of their travel. Whatever the circumstances, air charter companies pride themselves on offering a unique sense of privacy in the air. You might be travelling alone and require solitude during the journey in order to catch-up on some much-needed sleep. Perhaps you’re travelling with colleagues or clients and need to hold confidential meetings. Or perhaps you want quality time with family and friends, without interruptions from others. We can provide a discreet travel experience, designed to meet your needs.



Air charter companies such as ours offer a wide variety of different aircraft to suit your needs. We’ll help you decide which aircraft is most suitable based on your travel distance and passenger numbers. At Hartwig Air we focus on your needs, not those of the mass. Our experienced team of Aviation professionals are here to make you trip enjoyable, safe and comfortable. To confirm your flight please call our Operations team on 08 8258 4244.