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Hartwig Air Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions specifically refer to the following products and services which may be purchased or accessed via our Website, over the phone or from our Offices.

  • Experience Vouchers – Gift Certificates (‘Gift Voucher’)
    • Light Aircraft Training Flight (known Also as ‘The Adventure Flight’ and ‘Trial Introductory Flight’)
  • Charter Scenic Flights – Gift Certificates (‘Gift Voucher’)
    • Beaches to Vines
    • Metro Beaches
    • Kangaroo Island
    • Barossa Valley
    • Coastal Beaches
  • Simulator Vouchers – Gift Certificates (‘Gift Voucher’)
    • Redbird FMX Motion Simulator, 60 Minutes

Throughout these terms and conditions, the above products and services are collectively referred to as ‘Hartwig Vouchers’.


  1. Making a Purchase

When you purchase and/or use a Hartwig Voucher, you become legally bound by these terms and conditions and the Hartwig Air Privacy Policy (P134 Privacy Policy). Please do not proceed to purchase/use your voucher until you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact our Administration Department who will be happy to assist you.

Hartwig Air

Phone: (08) 8258 4244


Level 1, 9 Dakota Drive,

Parafield Airport, SA 5106


  1. Gift Voucher Refunds

Hartwig Air complies with the Australian Consumer Law in respect of guarantees and warranties for our products and services. In respect to services, the experience was provided with due skill and care and complied with the description made to the purchaser at the time of sale.

Please Note: We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.


  1. Exchange of Hartwig Vouchers

Hartwig Vouchers

The purchaser or recipient of a Hartwig Voucher may at any time request a booking. They also have the ability to make an exchange to a product or service of higher value than the initial product, the purchaser or recipient would need to pay the difference before the experience is confirmed by Hartwig Air.

Conditions of exchange:

  1. Exchanges are only permitted for valid Hartwig Vouchers that have not been used, i.e. where an experience date has not yet been requested to Hartwig Air.
  2. Any Hartwig Voucher purchased with an exchange will maintain the original expiry date of your exchanged voucher.
  3. If you exchange your Hartwig Voucher for an experience of lesser value, you will not be credited the balance.
  4. If you exchange your Hartwig Voucher for an experience of higher value, you will be prompted to bay the balance difference before the experience date is due to proceed.


  1. Prices

Hartwig Air reserve the right to change prices without notice. All prices include Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the current rate of 10% in Australia.

Hartwig Air charges a transaction fee to recover the costs it incurs for card payments.

Transaction fees vary dependant on the payment method chosen:

  • VISA 65%
  • Mastercard 65%
  • EFTPOS/ Savings / Cheque NIL

If transaction fees apply, the transaction fees charged will be clearly displayed to Hartwig Air Customers at the time of purchase.


  1. Transfer of Hartwig Air Vouchers

All valid and unused Hartwig Air Vouchers are fully transferrable. Hartwig Air accepts no responsibility for any stolen or fraudulent Gift Vouchers. It is the holder’s responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of the Gift Voucher(s).


  1. Lost Gift Vouchers

If a Hartwig Voucher is received and subsequently lost, the recipient may be eligible to have a replacement voucher emailed to them.

Conditions for replacement of lost Hartwig Air Gift Vouchers:

  1. The voucher is still valid and has not yet been exchanged or used.
  2. Proof of purchase is provided; either a reference number, purchasers full name or purchasers email address.
  3. Hartwig Air is able to correctly verify you as the original recipient.

Please note: It is the Voucher Recipients responsibility to obtain and provide Hartwig Air with all required verification details. Failure to do so will mean no replacement voucher will be issued.

  1. Expiry & Extensions: Gift Vouchers

Hartwig Vouchers

Hartwig Vouchers must be booked and redeemed within 12 months of purchase.

Once a Hartwig Voucher has expired, Hartwig Air is under no obligation to offer an extension.

Expired Vouchers are no longer valid, and all transaction attempts will be declined. Any unused value at the date of expiry will become the property of Hartwig Air.

The expiry date is clearly displayed on all Vouchers.

Extensions for Vouchers can be granted within 30 days of the expiry date for a once off fee of $50 for a further 2-month extension. Any further extensions requested outside of the 30-day grace period will not be considered.


  1. Voucher Delivery

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser/Recipient to correctly address gifts, whether by email, standard post or express post. Hartwig Air cannot be held responsible for any damaged, missing, or delayed orders where incorrect or incomplete delivery details (address and, if relevant, appropriate delivery instructions) have been provided.

Hartwig Vouchers are dispatched from Hartwig Air’s Head Office, located at Parafield Airport, South Australia.

In some circumstances where delivery has been attempted by unsuccessful, the item will be taken to the nearest post office.

Hartwig Voucher via email

Hartwig Air is not liable or responsible for any loss suffered as a result of a Hartwig Voucher via email being blocked by filters or firewalls, or where the incorrect email address has been entered by the purchaser. If the recipient does not receive the email containing the Hartwig Voucher, please contact us immediately on (08) 8258 4244 to send vouchers to an alternative email address. Alternatively, we can change the delivery method which would incur the normal delivery fee of that service.

Delivery via Standard Post

  • Standard postage is free of charge.
  • Express postage – fees and charges apply to the sum of the delivery fee charged by Australia Post.
  • Hartwig Air accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss or delay as a result of using courier services. We can provide you with the Express Post tracking code to the courier service in the event you need to locate the whereabouts of your delivery.
  • A redelivery charge to the sum of the delivery fee charged by Australia Post will apply if the item is lost after receipt, if the recipient is unavailable for receipt of delivery, if the delivery address provided by the recipient is incorrect or if there is no safe place to leave the item.


  1. Availability of Experiences

All experiences offered by Hartwig Air are subject to availability. Bookings are recommended to be made at least 2 weeks in advance. If you would like to book during peak times (such as weekends and School Holidays), you should book further in advance. We suggest that if you plan to purchase a voucher for a particular date and time at short notice, you can contact us to ensure there is still availability before completing the transaction.


  1. Contact Details given to Hartwig Air

It is your responsibility to ensure you enter your email address and other contact details correctly when you complete the experience booking process on Hartwig Air’s website. Failure to do so may result in loss or incorrect delivery of the confirmation email of your purchase.


  1. Booking Cancellations

If you cancel your booking with less than 48 hours’ notice, you may incur a cancellation fee to the sum of $50. If Hartwig Air needs to cancel your experience, you will be notified at the earliest possible time in order to reschedule a convenient alternate date. Hartwig Air will not reimburse any travelling, accommodation or other expenses incurred by you or any other person in the event of a cancellation.

Hartwig Air reserves the right to cancel any flight or voucher under the following circumstances:

  • The passenger arrives at the premises late, however, we will consider offering to re-book a flight with a discount off the price of a Hartwig Voucher.
  • The passenger appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The Pilot in Command/Ground Crew considers the passenger is behaving in a manner that is offensive; or may behave in a manner that would jeopardise the safety of the flight
  1. The Weather

The pilot will have absolute authority in determining whether the weather conditions are suitable for a particular flight. This may at times result in in short notice cancellations and the flight will be rescheduled for a later date at no cost to the recipient. If you have concerns about the weather on the day of your booking, we suggest you call our office in the morning to get a weather update from our Operations Department, who have the most up-to-date information on the weather movements in our Training Area.

Refunds due to weather cancellations are not available.


  1. Complaints or problems during your Experience

If you have a problem or a complaint on the day of your experience, please bring this to the attention of our Administration Staff immediately so that issues may be addressed on the spot, where possible.



  1. Insurance

Hartwig Air maintain appropriate Public Liability Insurance for all risks associated with is business and service provisions.


  1. Experience Locations

Hartwig Air operate on several locations at Parafield Airport. Depending on the Experience you have chosen you will be directed by a member of staff where your destination point will be.

For all Light Aircraft Training Flights and Simulator Experiences, you will be required to check in at the Operations and Training Centre, 19 Dakota Drive, Parafield Airport.

For Scenic Flights and Charter Activities operate out of Hangar 59, Anderson Drive, Parafield Airport


  1. Experience Session Length

Experience session lengths are approximate and are given only as a guide to the total time you will be at our venue. Unless otherwise stated, you will normally take your turn with other Hartwig Customers and there may be waiting time involved. Any itinerary provided to you is indicated only and the order of events may change.


  1. Restrictions on Taking Experiences

The Light Aircraft Training Flight is subject to restrictions, such as:

  • Minimum age requirement – 15 years old
  • Maximum Passenger weight – 100kg (Please advise us if you or the recipient is over 100kg to make other arrangements, an extra fee will be charged to swap aircraft).
  • Health Conditions e.g. seizures or a condition resulting in unconsciousness, if you are suffering from a sinus ailment we recommend you do not fly.
  • All passengers are required to be agile enough to climb onto the wing of the aircraft and into the cockpit.

The Pilot in Command has the right to refuse a passenger that may not meet the operational requirements on the grounds of safety.


  1. Safety

Hartwig Air’s priority is Safety. All Passengers must follow the direction of Hartwig Air’s Personnel at all times.


  1. Promotional Offers

Hartwig Air offers promotional discounts and Special Offers from time to time (‘Promotional Offers’ or ‘Promotional Codes’). If you have a Promotional Code, it should be entered when entering your information to purchase a voucher. By redeeming any of Hartwig Air’s Promotional Codes or Promotional Offers, you agree to accept and comply with all of the following terms and conditions:

  1. If you have been provided a valid Promotional Code, you must enter it into the designated field in the shopping cart. Otherwise, your discount will not be applied.
  2. Promotional Codes must be used within their designated expiration date. No extensions will be allowed under any circumstances.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, Promotional Codes may only be used once per person.
  4. Where multiple Promotional Codes are offered, only once can be used per transaction.
  5. Where multiple discounts apply, the user will receive the maximum discount available.
  6. Hartwig Air reserves the right to verify the validity of Promotional Code use at any time. If there has been (or we have reason to believe there has been) any unauthorised use, we will immediately cease all activity on your account.
  7. Hartwig Air reserves the right to remove any Promotional Codes without notice at any time.
  8. Promotional Offers and Promotional Codes may be subject to additional terms and conditions as specified in the relevant promotion from time to time


  1. Third Party Vendors

Vouchers purchased through a third-party vendor are bound by the vendors terms and conditions, if the recipient experiences any issues with their voucher in terms of refunds etc. they must contact the vendor.

  1. Customer Ratings and Terms of Use

We encourage you to leave feedback on your experience with Hartwig Air via our Facebook Page. If you have any issues requiring immediate attention, please contact us first.